3 days extreme tour


From 798 EUR/per person


Day 1


First day you will start with the sport activities such as 2 hours of gun shooting with instructor and equipment . That will take place in special complex outside the city. You will have ability to make around 350 shoots from different kind of weapons (around 2 hrs). After that you will have complex lunch which includes special army food and drinks


In the evening you will have fun and dance in one of the best dance club or karaoke. Table can be booked on request


Day 2


We promise that you will be excited with the whole day excursion to the phantom city Chernobyl. You will have opportunity to see the city back into 1986, right the time when disaster happened and nearby city Pripyat was abandoned. Excurcion includes transportation by comfortable bus, visiting an old hospital, kinder garden, police station and swimming pool, delicious and healthy lunch at the place and visiting one of the non working reactors. All is completely protected and safe. The detailed instructions you will receive from your personal tour guide. Remember that you will need from 1-3 days to get visa there as well as health insurance


Day 3


This day will be even more exciting part of your tour as you will experience 3 hours of tank riding.


You will get fantastic emotions by riding T-62 tank, BTR tank and BRDM with possibility to organize competition between your friends. Professional instructor will support you during all the time as much as english-speaking assistant. After all you will have delicious lunch on the tank range. And if you still have energy for getting more emotions you will try real kalashnikov shooting (it includes  dragunov sniper rifle, kalashnikov and other weapons)


Transportation to the place and back is included


In the evening as an award for the last intense days you will get a relaxing thai massage which will give you unforgettable feelings and memories